Kevin's Story

Kevin was a smart funny kid with ideas. And one day he wanted me to make him a giant mitten so little by little over years I knitted him a giant mitten. Kevin grew up to be a fine young man helpful and considerate of others. He volunteered in helping the homeless and helping troubled teens. This he did quietly and even his family knew little if anything about it until after his death in the back seat of a car that had a head on collision with a van when he was 25 years old.

He was a lot more too. He wrote poetry, wanted to work in the music industry after finding out he didn’t have what it took to have his own band. He loved life and his friends.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back in the Knitting

Well a host of things have been happening since I've been here last. And I will not bore you with my personal life.

I have been knitting things for the needy again.

A woman, who could no longer knit, gave me three large boxes of yarn for me to make hats, scarves and mittens for the women's and children's shelter.

I have made 19 hats and 14 scarves, along with 3 pair of mittens from this yarn so far. (The low mitten total was because I needed to get some new needles. I had warn down my wooden double points that I had been using.

There is a new, and first for me, grandchild on the way later this October. I will have to split my knitting time between the two knitting projects (Kevin's Mittens and the baby) for at least a little while. Fortunately baby things are small and don't take up that much time.

I'm glad to be back to knitting mittens for those in need again. It does a soul good to be a help to others.