Kevin's Story

Kevin was a smart funny kid with ideas. And one day he wanted me to make him a giant mitten so little by little over years I knitted him a giant mitten. Kevin grew up to be a fine young man helpful and considerate of others. He volunteered in helping the homeless and helping troubled teens. This he did quietly and even his family knew little if anything about it until after his death in the back seat of a car that had a head on collision with a van when he was 25 years old.

He was a lot more too. He wrote poetry, wanted to work in the music industry after finding out he didn’t have what it took to have his own band. He loved life and his friends.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Puppet Mittens

Hi Folks,

I know it has been a while. I'm still waiting for the test knitters to get back to me on the mitten pattern I worked so hard on. I've been knitting mittens and donating them, but I got to thinking. What do I do with the mittens once the warmer weather comes and the shelters aren't taking them for lack of storage?

I was grocery shopping and saw a magazine, Creative Knitting on the shelf. It was the March issue and it had knitted hand puppets in it. A frog, elephant, lion and puppy dog. And when I got the magazine home there was a link to the web for a pig and a mouse for free. You can find them under the web bonus tab there.

I used a smaller needle size to make them child size, embroidered the eyes instead of buttons and made two of them to make a pair of mittens out of them.

I'll be making more of these for the kids at the shelter. They are mittens in the winter and toys the rest of the year. I think Kevin would have liked that.

Kevin's Mom